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Confused over a "content play"

I'm confused over the nature of a "content play". I would assume, given the language on the upgrade page, that this is number of plays of videos streamed from JWPlayer themselves. But we've racked up 16k plays in two weeks, despite hosting the player ourselves and serving the content ourselves. In this specific usecase, what are we paying JWPlayer for?

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A play is counted when the first frame of a video loads on our player, this counts against your limit despite where the content is hosted. The limit for Plays is a soft limit, meaning your account and players will remain active even if you reach or exceed your 100,000 limit within a month. Our Sales Development team reviews play overages per account, and will reach out in the event your account reaches the play limit.
We provide the video player and, as an added feature available to our customers, includes the ability to host and deliver videos from our platform. The Premium license of the player gives you access to the following features when compared to the Free license:

  • 10x the amount of content plays allowed per month (100,000 for Premium, compared to 10,000 for Free)
  • HLS Adaptive Streaming
  • Multi-Bitrate HD Encoding for Videos Uploaded to our Platform
  • Access to Email Support
  • 10x the amount of total storage given for uploads to our platform (50 GB for Premium, compared to 5 GB for Free, does not apply if your content is hosted elsewhere)
  • 10x the amount of streaming bandwidth allowed per month for content stored on our platform (250 GB for Premium, 25 GB for Free, does not apply if your content is hosted elsewhere)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to open a new support ticket within your account’s dashboard.

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