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AES encrypt - how to protect with php session?

I have a stram hls protected with AES. The stream runs perfectly and to protect the key imposed the URI like this:

URI = "http://IP_address_of_my_site/key.php"

The key.php file is as follows:

<? Php
session_start ();
if (isset($_SESSION['secret']) && $_SESSION['secret'] === '{mysecret}') {
   echo $ key;
   } Else {
   header ('HTTP / 1.0 403 Forbidden');

session_write_close ();

The server that generates the key is the same that generates streaming. The player is on my website.
$key It contains the key of the string that generates the server.

On PC with chrome works on iOS and Android no, why?

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Does any of the content generated or played have any sort of Flash or web based SWFs? Also, if you use the Dev tools in Safari on your iPhone, what error messages are shown in the console?


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