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Track Lists Under JW7 Player?

Is there a way to make JW7 display:


in a single track listing for every song loaded in the player, under the playbar?

It use to work just fine in JW6 but now JW7 only displaies <Title>

Thank you very much for the help. Below is the same playlist.xml file that displayed correctly in JW6 but only shows the Title in JW7.

Thanks for the help.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<playlist><track><path><?php echo $_SESSION['token'];?></path><title>CNN Headline News - 1995</title><artist>1. Top of the Hour Tease A - Full</artist><album>Courtesy CNN</album><len></len><image></image></track>
<track><path><?php echo $_SESSION['token'];?></path><title>CNN Headline News - 1995</title><artist>2. Top of the Hour Tease A - No Strings</artist><album>Courtesy CNN</album><len></len><image></image></track>
<track><path><?php echo $_SESSION['token'];?></path><title>CNN Headline News - 1995</title><artist>3. Top of the Hour Tease B - Full</artist><album>Courtesy CNN</album><len></len><image></image></track>

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for contacting the JW Player Support team. I’ve looked into your issue and you might be able to achieve this by some form of ID3 metadata which can be attached to the stream and read out of the player and displayed where ever you want that content displayed. You might find the following example of good use: . Please note this is not a supported implementation rather a sample of a potential solution.


Randy Lemoine
Primary Support Engineer
JW Player Support Team

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