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I refer to this question:

I have downloaded and am hosting youtube.js how do i configure the player to use my youtube.js.?

This tells me nothing

base String Configures an alternate base path for skins and providers "/"

Thanks in advance

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well thanks for the overwhelming feedback!

After spending some time with this i worked out a fairly stable Jquery solution, still not ideal but works well!

If anyone in the future needs to know how to disable annotations in youtube videos via jw player then follow this:

Start by turning off autoplay.

Then, in your player configuration use the following:

(I commented what it does if you need to understand)

// Wait for player to be ready

var checkExist = setInterval(function() {
// set up of often we will check

var checksrc = $('#mediaplayer_youtube').attr('src');
// define the var for the youtube iframe src

if (typeof checksrc != 'undefined') {
// wait until the iframe src had been defined

//check and set the src to the same address now including the "iv_load_policy=3" attribute (which disables the annotations)

// start playback

// stop running the check function

}, 100); // check every 100ms


I hope this helps others

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