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Playback Speed Increes

To answer the question about increasing or decreasing the playback speed using the JWPlayer. I have found a way to make it work. Download the following chrome extension from the following site. -

Go to settings if you are having any issues.

The video controls are not showing up?

This extension is only compatible with HTML5 video. If you don't see the controls showing up, chances are you are viewing a Flash video. If you want to confirm, try right-clicking on the video and inspect the menu: if it mentions flash, then that's the issue. That said, most sites will fallback to HTML5 if they detect that Flash it not available. You can try manually disabling Flash plugin in Chrome:

In a new tab, navigate to chrome://plugins
Disable "Adobe Flash Player"
Restart your browser and try playing your video again
The speed controls are not showing up for local videos?

To enable playback of local media (e.g. File > Open File), you need to grant additional permissions to the extension.

In a new tab, navigate to chrome://extensions
Find "Video Speed Controller" extension in the list and enable "Allow access to file URLs"
Open a new tab and try opening a local file, the controls should show up

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Thanks so much! This worked.

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