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JWPlayer rtmp live streaming low latency setup


I use JWPlayer 7.6.0 for rtmp live streaming. The javascript is like this.

var playerInstance1 = jwplayer("video1");
width: 800,
height: 450,
file: "rtmp://",
primary: "flash",
controls: false,
autostart: true,
rtmp: {
bufferlength: 0.1

The bufferlength is set to 0.1, but usually the latency is more than 0.1s and the latency increases gradually with time.

In flash NetStream API reference. There are three related properties, bufferLength, bufferTime and bufferTimeMax.

In my opinion, bufferLength is a read-only property indicates the real buffering time of stream. bufferTime is correspond to the rtmp:bufferlength in JWPlayer tells the player the expecting buffering time. bufferTimeMax means if bufferLength >= bufferTimeMax, the video will play faster to catch the bufferTime.

The flash document suggests when streaming live content, set the bufferTime property to 0. But there is no effect when I set
rtmp: {
bufferlength: 0

So I have two questions.
1. Is the bufferlength = 0 is acceptable in JWPlayer 7.6, or the valid minimum value is 0.1?
2. Are there any JWPlayer API can read/write property netstream.bufferLength and netstream.bufferTimeMax. Do they work in JWPlayer 7.6?

Thank you.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Let me confirm this with our engineers.



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Any update from engineers? Thank you.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Felix,

If you try the stream in a basic player such as VLC are you noticing considerable buffering? Can you also please give the following sample stream a try to see if the issue persists:


Thank you,


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