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Youtube style Playlist

I would like to create a youtube style playlist, where a list of videos and description are on a scrolling list on a web page.

I found this video using a an old version of JWPlayer but the code did not work in my IDE, are there any more up to date examples available?



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JW Player Support Agent  
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You can create your own custom playlist bar outside of the player using our API and some CSS. We have a basic example in the following article: Loading videos through the API


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Thanks for the information. I have an additional question on the playlist setup/creation. How would I set it up if I am using the hosted JWPlayer and load/list videos that are hosted at the JWPlayer site? I have just started looking at the code.

Thanks again....


JW Player Support Agent  
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This isn’t built in functionality so the single-line embed method will not work, this will take a more manual approach. Copy your cloud-hosted player, found in the Tools section of your dashboard, and include the script in the <head> of your page. Then setup the player within a <div> where you want it to appear on the page. You can read more on the steps and setup parameters in our Configuration Reference document and Advanced Embedding articles.
You can find your direct video URLs within your dashboard in the Videos section by selecting your video to view it’s properties then clicking on the “Sources” tab. You can also find the MediaID within the properties page of the video. Referencing the MediaID in your embed will ensure video analytics are captured.

Hope this helps!

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