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HTML5 player restarts after ad + pause + play

Playback with JWplayer on Amazon devices is challenging.
First, autostart is not respected. I need a block such as
player.on('ready', () => {});

I cannot fire preroll ads in beforePlay event.
player.on('beforePlay', () => {player.playAd(adUrl)})
will only SOMETIMES request an ad. and in those cases, still only sometimes an ad will play. very unpredictable.

In many cases, the most problematic bug occurs. Once a video starts, the first time the player is paused (either by the control bar, or by a player.pause() call), the subsequent play() call will restart the video. If i have a preroll ad scheduled, it plays before the 'restarted' video.

I have a hacky workaround to force jw to seek where I would like, such as:
player.on('firstFrame', () => { player.pause(); setTimeout(() => {; setTimeout(() => {}, 200)}, 1000); })

Anyone have similar issues with JWPlayer?

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We do not test on Amazon devices, so the community can take the lead on this one.

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