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Streaming without Flash

What is the state of the art for streaming without flash? I am targeting all popular browser versions n-1 and popular Operating Systems, which, unfortunately, includes IE11 and Edge on Windows 7 (which is not n-1 but too popular for me to ignore).

Looking at the Streaming Protocols matrix at it would appear that DASH via HTML5 would work everywhere except Safari, iOS, and Android and that those three exceptions support HLS via HTML5. Therefore, I should be out of the Flash business and all HTML5 if I use HLS V3 for those three and DASH everywhere else.

I tried that but DASH isn't supported by IE on Windows 7. See

I thought maybe the hlshtml option would be useful but the Streaming Protocols matrix (if correct) would indicate that both IE and Firefox would still need Flash for HLS. It seems that hlshtml really only helps on Chrome. Is that correct?

If so, am I stuck with Flash, at least for IE11 or Edge on Windows 7?

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hlshtml works in Firefox on Windows 8.1 and later, so you are correct HLS will still need flash in Windows 7 for both IE11 and Firefox. To clarify for others that read this thread – MS Edge is not available for Windows 7 unless in a virtual machine.

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