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I miss JW Player 5

With JW Player 5, I was able to actually buy the code to host my own player. It had a simple interface that allowed me to design the appearance and content in a PHP page. It didn't "call home", and I didn't need to have any links to the jwplayer site. Is all that gone now? I can design my player here, but if I want the raw html and js code so I can customize other elements, how do I download it? And will my JW Player forever need the ability to contact JW Player dot com?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You can self-host the player and copy our Javascript file to your web server if you want. You will be missing out on the advantages of the cloud-hosted players, though.

And our player is not “calling home” in the traditional sense, but we are sending analytics data so we can show you some cool graphs and engagement data in your JW Player account dashboard.

I’ll find a link to some updated documentation that explains how to self-host the player and post it here.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Looks like the documentation is still being worked on, so here’s a quick intro to self-hosting JW7:

1) Download the latest .zip file from your account dashboard in the Downloads section
2) Copy the jwplayer folder to your web server
3) In your HTML page source, you will need to load the jwplayer.js file from this folder path
4) You will also need to define jwplayer.key with the key from your account dashboard in the Downloads section (right next to where you downloaded the .zip)

The code on the page will look like this:

<script src="http://your_web_server_folder_path/jwplayer.js"></script>

5) Now that you are self-hosted the player, you need the <div> and the jwplayer().setup() call to instantiate the player. Click on the Advanced tab at for more details.

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