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Enabling adaptive streaming in Dashboard

I'm trying to use the JW Player Dashboard to create an embed snippet for a hosted video. If the video has a high enough resolution, the player is equipped with the "HD"-labeled quality toggle button. But how can I enable adaptive streaming? Do I need to install the JW Player js lib on my web server and/or write my own embed snippet?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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To get the HLS version of your uploaded video, all you need to do is change the url to point to the manifests endpoint and change the extension to m3u8.

For example:
would become

Change the videos endpoint to manifests, keep your media ID, erase the template which always is the second piece after the dash “-dWlGFHuw” in this case, and change the extension to m3u8.

Voila! You now have a valid HLS stream of any video you upload to JW Platform.

For more information please refer to the documents below:

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