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Cross domain error


I'm getting this "Cannot access m3u8: crossdomain access denied" error.I already have an crossdomain.xml and it can't be changed for now, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to force the player to refer a different crossdomain.xml file say crossdomain1.xml from the server i'm trying to fetch the video from?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

I believe you also posted this question on StackOverflow and I answered you there this morning. For your convenience, I have pasted my response below:

The player itself is not looking for crossdomain.xml, the browser is and it will only accept the crossdomain.xml file that is located at the root of the domain that is hosting the requested resource. This includes subdomains so if I’m trying to embed, the browser will look for

Also, is the player in HTML5 or Flash when you are seeing this behavior. When in HTML5, the browser is not looking for crossdomain.xml. Instead, it is looking for the CORS headers on the hosting domain to be set up properly.

For more information on all of this, please see the Crossdomain File Loading support article.

Thank you.

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