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Messge to show install/update flash version on the Player

Hi Team,

Integrated JW7 player in my website. The videos are working fine in some sytems and throwing an error of "File could not be found" in other systems(Especially MAC).
Later I came to know that the issue was for the absence/update of Flash player, So that I installed Flash plugin and now the videos are working fine and the problem is resolved.
But know the main concern is our users are asking like how the end user will know that he/she need to install/update the flash player including version when they get the Error like "File could not be found".
So now my question is how can we show a message to install/update the flash on the player when user's browser doesn't have flash/ having unsupported flash version
Hope soon you will get back with the solution....


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Most browsers are moving away from flash anyway, what format is your content?

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