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JWPlayer 7.7.0 Beta/7.6.1 No cookies?

Hello all,

I'm using a self-hosted JWPlayer, and we're moving away from Flash (as it's dying). I'm doing development, and to secure the video stream, I'm filtering the actual ts files through php, and have run into a problem:

The browser cookies aren't making it to the associated m3u8 and ts files. Trouble is, that's where php puts the session ID. If I tell the underlying PHP to ignore the various security restrictions, then the video plays. With one partial exception, the session ID isn't passing on any browser I've tried when running the HLS via JS (primary: "html5", hlshtml: true - the one partial exception being Safari, and that is simply using one set of cookies for the 'normal' segment of the browser, and another for the javascript ... possibly because the Safari-enabled device in question had native support for HLS, so wasn't using the assemlber).

I've tried settings CORS headers (doesn't seem like it'd matter, as the files are all hosted on the same server and same URL that made the cookie in the first place) to no avail. I'd prefer not to pass the session ID via GET parameters, but so far that's looking like it's my only choice. Any ideas?

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... what's really strange: Javascript has access to the cookies (added console.log(document.cookie); in my setup scripts to test). This, of course, makes me wonder why the cookie isn't passing back to the server in the first place, but oh well.


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Hi Robert,

According to our records, the account associated with your email address is a Free account which does not support the playback of HLS streams. It would still work in Safari since, as you referenced, that browser natively supports HLS.

If you are embedding the player and stream with a different account, being Premium, or higher, can you please let me know the email address associated with that account? Also, we would need to see a URL to a reproduction page to be able to see the behavior.

Thank you.

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