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Player Library for Hosted Video on PHP

I have a site running on the AVS 3.3 script which is, of course, a PHP based website.
This site is on a dedicated server and I would like to upgrade the player to utilize the JWPlayer so that I can add pre-roll advertising to my video's.
I realize that finding PHP experts around the world is not difficult. What *IS* difficult, it seems, is to find basic answers to my questions:

1: Where can I find copies of the necessary files for the software for the player?
(I prefer to have all files that my site depends on on my server, which has its own cloud backup).

2: Where can I find a set of straightforward instructions for installing the JWPlayer to my site?

3: As I use an automated embedding service to assist with the embedding of video's en masse, what changes need to be made , if any to the setup so that these video's will work properly?

A) As third parties are paying for the bandwidth for embedded video's, and I'm paying for the bandwidth used by any visitors to my site, is it really necessary that I pay JWPlayer for bandwidth they aren't providing?

Note: There is the issue of Live Chat which is another issue, but I'll get into that in a moment

4: As I wish to add pre-roll advertisements sourced from a third party, and it is the third party that will be providing the advertisement using the bandwidth on my site, is there a need to pay JWPlayer for that bandwidth if I am hosting their player?

5: Now to the really big issue...Live Chat

Several services online claim to offer online chat services for affiliates. JWPlayer seems to be compatible with these services, but I do not see any documentation from anyone...ANYONE about the technical side of setting it up. I would very much like to talk to someone about this, but I note that JWPlayer doesn't seem wild about responding to my attempts at emailing.

If anyone has information they care to share, I am all ears...and still remain :

Thank you.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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HI J, I’ll answer you questions in order:

1) You’ll need to purchase a Platinum Subscription or contact one of of our sales people if you’ll have more than 250K plays per month. Once you are entitled, the software is found in the DOWNLOADS section of your JW Dashboard.

2) Our support site and Developer Portal should have all the documentation you need. The advanced section of this page would be used since you aren’t hosting your content with us.

3) We provide a PHP dev kit on our platform api page that should help your developers create a solution for your specific use-case.

A and 4) Talk to our sales team about a custom license.

5) We provide e-mail support to Premium Subscribers and above, free users are able to post questions on this support forum. While we don’t offer a professional services team to help develop custom implementations of our player and functionality that is not built-in (such as live chat) if your dev team gets stuck after reviewing our documentation we will always will try to provide help that is within the scope of our support.

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