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JWPlayer 7.5 oncomplete change to -1 second and don't show image

Hello everyone,

I have a video playing and in the end, when it's all through and on state "complete" I would like it to go back 1 second and stop there - not showing the poster, just the video at this point.
I have tried

on('time', function(timing) {
var currentPosition = timing.position;
var lengthOfVideo = timing.duration;

if((currentPosition >= lengthOfVideo-1 && currentPosition < lengthOfVideo))
__globalCounter = 1;
__globalTiming = timing;
__globalComplete = true;

with a check in

on('complete', function() {
if (__globalComplete)

This ends in an infinite loop and I really have no idea why - I am still new to this whole topic though. So every help would be appreciated :)

2 Community Answers


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I did it with converting the timing into floats, and instead of using on('complete') I simply paused the video inside the on('time') event when the if statement is true. Hiding the controls and fake a "complete" status that way.
Not very nice, but it's doing its job.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Nat, when you use ‘time’ that event will fire continually while your stream plays. You will need to use ‘once’ to only have ‘time’ fire one time. Hope this helps.

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