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Related videos on jwplayer 7.6.x not workingany more

I've created a wordpress function to get jwplayer 7 related videos using wordpress and it was working fine.After the update from 7.4.x to 7.6 I noticed an issue.

When I click to NEXT UP the player stops working and give Error loading playlist: no playable sources found

So, The older versions worked fine because was redirecting to the wordpress permalink but with last version its doing this error.

Let me explain it a bit more

My Player Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var jw = jwplayer("jwplayer").setup({
file: '<?php echo $video; ?>',
image:"<?php echo $thumb; ?>",
width: "100%",
height: "100%",
aspectratio: "<?php echo $ratio; ?>",
startparam: "start",
autostart: <?php echo $autostart; ?>,
primary: 'html5',
logo: {
file: '<?php echo $logoimage; ?>',
link: '<?php echo $logolink; ?>',
position: "<?php echo $position; ?>",
skin : {
url:"<?php echo $sefurL; ?>/inc/tools/jwplayer/skins/<?php echo $skin; ?>.css",
name:"<?php echo $skin; ?>"
related: {
file: "<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/<?php $category = get_the_category($post->ID); echo $category[0]->category_nicename; ?>/?feed=related-feed"

<?php if (!empty($in_embed_ad)) { ?>
function(event) {
function(event) {
return document.getElementsByClassName("hidePauseAdZone")[0].style.display = '<?php echo $adspause; ?>';
<?php } ?>

With the player code above the related videos were working fine in version 7.4 as I told itsnot working after jwplayer update.

Do you have any idea about this? Thanks

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for the code example. it actually might be more advantageous for us to see the actual page itself. Can you provide us a link to the page where you are embedding the code? From what I can gather I do not recall any changes to playback functionality.


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