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Videos thumbnails


I'm trying to create 3 thumbnails from video that he just uploaded and show them to user to pick one that he want or upload his custom ..
I'm looking to api /videos/thumbnails/update and /videos/thumbnails/show but they don't give me result I want .. It says its Ok.. But i don't get links in response from thumbnails that i want ?

Maybe I'm using wrong api, but I don't see anything else in their documentation for this..

Is this even possible with jwplayer?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, what you are trying to do would not be possible with our API. /video/thumbnails/show just shows the status of a creation of a thumbnail that was previously started with a /videos/thumbnails/update. There is no endpoint for being able to generate stills or thumbnails from certain points in the video without having it actually assigned to that video.

The only solution I can think of would be to generate the thumbnails before you upload the content, noting at what point in the video (in seconds) the thumbnail is from. You can then show those to the user and, based on which one they choose, do a call to /videos/thumbnails/create specifying the position in the video in which to generate the thumbnail from.

Thank you!

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