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Error loading stream: ID not found on server


I've recently installed JWPlayer 7 (from 5 I believe), and I keep having a problem when I see this media error:

Error loading stream: ID not found on server

It's not the error that's the problem, it's that JWPlayer completely becomes useless. The control bar doesn't show up or anything.

Now with the old version of JWPlayer, it would display a nice message like "Stream not found.", and the player would still function, namely, it would still allow people to hit play to try and get the live stream again.

I can't use JWP7 if it's like this. Is this a bug, or a setup issue? Why can't I clean up error messages with javascript (return false on error event)?


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Well, I was hoping someone would respond.

I believe I have a work around that was pretty rough. I installed a Module in Wowza called loopUntilLive (or something like that).

There will always be a stream to play, the module will switch over to the live stream when it starts, then switch back to the video when it stops.


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