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Regarding android player skin

I am following this tutorial to implement skin:

1. Where can I find roundster.css?
It says "You can find them in the Content section of your Dashboard, under License Keys and Downloads located on the left side of the Content screen."
But I cannot find it anyway

2. Where should I put *.css in my android studio project, or do I host it somewhere?
skinUrl("") what should "mysite" be? I am streaming live HLS video, I dont have any video hosted on dashboard.
I tried to find some sample skin code but smaple code on github dont have.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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The new location of the skins is Players > Tools > JW7 Selfhosted

You can point to your assets folder in Android Studio too and use JWPlayerView.setSkin() or PlayerConfig.setSkinUrl():

PlayerConfig playerConfig = new PlayerConfig.Builder()


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Hi George,
I tried this but it does not work, are you sure then skinurl is correct?
I created an assets folder(right click app->folder->assets folder), and put vapor.css in it.
and called
PlayerConfig playerConfig = new PlayerConfig.Builder()
But nothing changed


JW Player Support Agent  
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Do you have a demo Android Studio project you can send over for me to debug? Please do not add your license key, I’ll add my own once I have the project.

Also, please tell be the desired effect. If you just want one of the default skins you can use this method:

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