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iframe player picks lowest quality by default

I've read this post already, but it doesn't seem to resolve the issue:

I'm using the JWPlayer Free level account, and used the "Upload Videos" method (not add a video URL linking external method).

Once I do this, multiple resolutions are created automatically - awesome!

But it seems that the 180p version is always selected by default until the user actively changes it using the HD menu in the player.
The screen size and player size is large and I have plenty of bandwidth.

This same problem holds true if I visit the iframe URL directly, so I know it's not my implementation that's the issue:

Cookies seem to remember your new resolution you picked if you change it and refresh the page or come back, but that doesn't help our first time site visitors.

Is there any way to make sure that the highest res version is the default and that the smaller ones only get served when appropriate based on bandwidth/screensize ?

Thank you - loving the JWPlayer 7 platform other than this one glitch. I haven't used JW since a bunch of years ago when it was open source. Very nice work being done here.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

When you are using an embed generated by the dashboard, the embed has a HLS stream as the primary source, followed by MP4 fallbacks in case the HLS stream cannot be played. The MP4s are specified from lowest quality to highest in order to make sure your viewers on mobile devices or with lower-quality network connections can quickly start watching your content. The HLS stream that we generate is essentially what you are asking for because it’s an adaptive stream that will determine the quality that it gets played on based on the available bandwidth of the connection. However, this HLS stream is not being played in your embeds because it requires a Premium account, or higher to be able to playback HLS streams.

If you do not want to upgrade from the Free account to one of our paid subscriptions, what I would recommend would be to embed the player and content as described in option #2 on our Basic Video Embed support article using the direct MP4 URLs that you can find on the “Sources” tab of a piece of content’s detail page on your dashboard. You can even specify multiple qualities and determine what the default quality played would be by using the instructions found on our HD Quality Toggling support article.

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