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HTML 5 Player when loading a playlist with JSON file

I hope you can help me with this issue, it's a bit difficult to explain but I'll be as thorough as possible.
We have a number of pages in our site where we use JW Player to load playlists dynamically. In order to do this we use the source URL. Now the source URL can either be an RSS file or a JSON file.
- We initially tried using the RSS URL. If we do this the video loads BUT the problem is that the HD button does not appear in the player, so the user can't choose the quality of the video. This doesn't work for us because we need this functionality enabled.
- We then tried with the JSON URL instead. When we do this the video loads and the HD button becomes active, everything works fine. However there is one problem. The JSON URL file loads the player as Flash while the RSS URL loads the player as HTML 5 (in a <video> tag instead of an <object> tag). All other settings are identical in our code, we basically replaced ".rss" for ".json".
- The big problem with the flash version of the player is that we are reciving complaints from some users in Europe (specifically The Netherlands) who are trying to watch the video and are getting an error message in the form of a red box with the message "Incorrect or expired promo code! If you need to activate a certificate code, please go to your account settings gift card balance", in addition to a another error that reads "Cannot load M3U8: cross domain access denied (2048)". This red error box is not coming from our site, it is not in our code, we have never created it. It appears inside the video player and on top of a a warning triangle in the center of the player. (I can provide an image is needed)
- Again, this issue so far only seems to happen to a percentage of users who happen to be in The Netherlands. Otherwise it works fine in different browsers and devices.
- HOWEVER, if these same users go to a different page on our site, the only page of the site which does use the RSS URL that loads the video in an html5 player (not the flash version) they can see the video here with no issues.

SO, the question is, how can we set the player loaded from the JSON URL to be loaded as HTML and not as Flash? We are using:

var playerInstance = jwplayer("loadVideo");
"playlist": "<?php echo playlistKey ?>.json",
"primary" : "html5"

but even though we set "primary" to html5 we are still getting the Flash player.

Thanks for your help.



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I checked a JSON playlist feed in a page using Chrome and I saw the videos play in html5 as expected. Which browsers are you seeing this problem in, where the playlists load in flash with a JSON feed, while an RSS feed seems to cause videos to load in Flash mode? Also, if you can provide a link where I could observe the behavior, please do.

The promotional red box your users in the Netherlands are seeing would not have anything to do with the player. That would have to do with a script running in their pages.

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