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VPAID events issues


In my project i need to handle some adversiting events such as adStart adComplete adTime etc
The most important is adTime because i need to send information to reporting system about first quartile / mid point / third quartile

I tested player with all possible ad sources (vast with mp4/flv movie and vpaid in flash/javascript implementation). All is ok, but sometimes when i use flash vpaid, events are sent incorrectly.
For example i will use Optimatic test ad.
Normal run:
As you can see player send all events correclty: adStarted -> adMeta -> adPlay -> adImprression -> 3 adTime events (for 1st quartile, mid point and 3rd quartile) -> adComplete
And ad duration is 15sec which is real.

Bugged run:
Here we have only two adTime events and duration is only 10sec which isn't right (video plays 15sec - i've checked by stopwatch)
Also you can se that adComplete event aren't triggered.

This issue appears time-by-time, i didn't find any way to 100% reproduce. Just press Cmd+R after each run and in 10-30% of runs this bug appears.
Most bugged are FF with enabled firebug, then Chrome, them FF without firebug. On Safari i never seen this issue

Since there is no sources of vast plugin, i can't check is this an issue of jwplayer or of Optimatic's VPAID module. Maybe someone of jwplayer developers can help me and if this is an issue of player you can send me some patch/workaround for fix events handling ?
Demo page on which i've tested this issue you can find here:

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We call the adTime() events as often as the SWF creative tells us that the duration has changed. I have seen three different types of responses from VPAID SQF ad creatives, and unfortunately the only people who can change this are the developers of the actual SWF creative:

1) VPAID ad time events fire once every second
2) VPAID ad time events fire only when the quartiles occur
3) VPAID ad events do not fire at all

I tried testing your ad tag, but I am not seeing an ad impression after our player loads the SWF from the initial response.

Please ask your ad network when they expect the time events to fire, Please also ask them for a sample ad tag that returns an ad every time and fires adTime events every second for further testing. Here’s a LiveRail sample tag that does both of these:

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