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Changing resolution for bandwidth

Hey, Please excuse my lack of knowledge. My web team are giving me excuses about streaming and I am trying to do some research to present to them to try and fix the problems I am having with my site.

Issue- My internet DL connection is 15mbps.
Viewing a 250mb video on my site, using RTMP streaming, is so laggy. Pauses and jutters.

Question - How can I have the player automatically change the resolution of the video, for slower connections? Just like youtube does.

2nd Question - Will I have to supply different resolution videos to be able to do question 1, or is the player capable of compressing the original HD video?

Thanks guys.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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This can be attributed to a few things but you may consider looking at the buffer size of the RTMP stream as this can give a good idea if the stream is pulling down segments. You could also use our API to check the buffer size and see what that returns for you as well:

jwplayer().getBuffer() may be a good starting point.

You also might consider using HLS as this would allow the use of adaptive bitrates, which would change dynamically based on the users player dimensions and available bandwidth. The following article has a pretty good writeup on this:

We see a lot of people happy with ADR in low throughput situations.


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