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Putlocker streaming issues

Recently tried streaming videos on and received the error "error loading media: file not found". I then tried to watch the same videos on my iphone on the same network and the videos did not work either. I then connected to my second wifi in my house and both my computer and phone could play the videos just fine. I have tried to find the root of the problem in the router settings and have had no luck. As my second wifi router is daisy chained from my first wifi router, it makes no scense that the second router is allowing for videos to be played and not vice versa if anything. I have had this problem for close to a month and have not been too bothered by it until now. I am open to any suggestions to help get this issue resolved.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m sorry to hear that you are not able to watch the videos you are looking for. Unfortunately we do not have a way to help. This web site is using our player to embed videos, but we are not hosting the content for them, nor do we have access to make changes to their page source. Telling us about the problem is like writing a note to Microsoft when you notice that someone made a typo in a letter they wrote using Microsoft Word. Yes, it is our software, but no, we cannot promise that everyone is using it in a perfect way.

Most likely what happened is that the video someone initially linked to is no longer available. Either that or they upload a video file that is not compatible with your current browser and they did not provide a fallback video type. For example, an RTMP stream or FLV video requires Flash, which explains why it works on a desktop but not on a mobile device.

The other thing to remember when watching videos on sites such as these, is that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Are you really all that surprised when a brand new movie appears online for free when you can’t even pay a company like Amazon or iTunes to download it? I’ve seen some of these sites that are using really old versions of our software and they haven’t even bothered to upgrade to the latest version (which doesn’t have a watermark, by the way).

If someone who owns and operates and writes the code for these web sites reads this, please reach out to us. I’m not judging your site based on your content. That’s not my job. But my job is to help you get the most out of our software, so I’d love to have the opportunity to do that.

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