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Error Loading Media

JW Player used to work on but has stopped working lately. I tried clear cache and cookies and restarting my browser and using Firefox instead of chrome, but it still doesn't work. It shows Error Loading Media: File Not Found
The link is

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JW Player Support Agent  
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That web site is using our player, but we do not have the ability to make changes to their code so you would need to contact them directly to get this fixed. Someone most likely linked to a video that was moved or deleted. Such is life when you’re trying to watch pirated content online.


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Seems depending on the device your using depends if this player works properly, older model devices have a much easier time rendering the videos, many new laptops, PC/Tablets have been having difficulties with media playback using the JW player receiving "ERROR LOADING MEDIA: FILE NOT FOUND" but i have yet to locate the specific problem, JW player works perfectly with any device that was not sold with Windows 10 Installed as the original OS if the device was upgraded to win 10 the JW player seems to render playback just fine. None of the New Devices i own allow the JW player to function properly. This is just my Hypothesis JW Player is running with some older coding that windows 10 does not have, Dilemma i am facing is determining the root cause. Issues i am facing personally A clean install of windows 10 = "MEDIA LOAD ERROR" but if i install win 7 and upgrade to win 10 JW player works perfectly i do not receive any "MEDIA ERROR;S" any help would be appreciated


JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player uses Javascript to embed the video using your web browser’s native video playback capabilities. Our player can also be configured to use the Flash plugin, if it installed.

Does the video in our Stream Tester at work in your browser?

Another possible scenario is that the web site does not have the player configured correctly is using a video type that is not compatible with your current browser. For example, if the site is using an RTMP stream as their only video source, but you do not have Flash installed or are using a mobile device, then that video will not work for you.

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