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RTMP subscribe on player.load

On initial jwplayer.setup({rtmp: {subscribe: true}});

but i have other rtmp files that do not use subscribe true. I've noticed that they don't work.
Is there anyway to turn this off?

I get this error.
"Unhandled event from "ember934_swf_0": state %7B%22type%22%3A%22state%22%2C%22newstate%22%3A%22idle%22%2C%22oldstate%22%3A%22playing%22%7D"

I believe this is because each time I change URLS I keep calling setup() instead of jwplayer.load.
However I'm not sure anyway around the rtmp subscribe issue.

Thanks in advance.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Have you tried to turn if off by removing the subscribe: ‘true’ line when calling setup() for the other two RTMP streams?

And are these streams all from the same streaming provider?

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