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JWplayer 7 Error loading playlist: Error loading file: File not found rss playlist

This is not a question, i have searched this forums for answers and got not the answered I have required on this.

I was getting in the player the fallowing error: Error loading playlist: Error loading file: File not found

I have fallowed the tutorial on here:
and here

and I was still getting this error, no matter what cross domain xml I was creating still the same problem.

The fix:

The problem was that from the server I have tried to import the rss file the CORS was not enabled on the apache2 headers
If you have access to the apache2.conf you can use this tutorial:
If you try to edit the apache2 it should be done on the server the rss is located ( not on the server that the player is located)

If you don't have access to apache2.conf (in most cases for most users ) you can use a CORS PROXY for example you can load rss files from your server without the need to enable CORS in your apache2

This endevor took me a few hours but finally made it work, I leave this here maybe someone encounters the same problem.

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