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Wowza load balancer HLS redirect URL

I'm using Wowza with it's Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn (

The load balancing mechanism works by giving you a single source URL for the stream which Wowza then redirects to any number of edge servers balancing the load. I'm using this load balancing feature for both RTMP (for desktop) and HLS (for iOS and Android).

Here is an example of the JW Player configuration working with the HLS redirect (works on both Android and iOS)...

(file at root)

...but none of the following work...

(sources array at root)
(file in playlist array element)
(sources array in playlist array element)

Each of those examples work when using the RTMP redirect URL or a direct (no redirect) URL for both RTMP and HLS but the HLS redirect URL does not seem to play nice with any configuration that permits multiple stream source entires.

I could not find an example online of a JW Player configuration that utilised Wowza load balancer redirect URLs for both RTMP (for desktop) and HLS (for Android and iOS) but I imagine this must be a relatively common scenario.

What am I doing wrong? How do I get JW Player to work with both RTMP and HLS redirect URLs?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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HI there,

It would be hard to know for sure since it doesn’t look like I have the ability to access anything on the server that is hosting your stream (the requests time out), but I will note the following that I’ve seen from your examples:

1. Sources Array At Root – Not a supported way of embedding the file. It may work in some scenarios, but it’s not supported.
2. File In Playlist Array Element – You still have the file specified separately outside of the playlist block which could cause issues. Also, type: “hls” would always have to be on the same level as file, so this may be the main issue.
3. Sources Array in Playlist Array Element – Again, type: “hls” would always have to be on the same level as file, so this may be the main issue.

Please let me know if that helps.


0 rated :

I did not know type: 'hls' had to be on the same level as 'file'! My apologies Alex. That has resolved everything!

Thank you kindly for your swift support!


JW Player Support Agent  
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Not a problem, Elliott!

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