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Exceeding vieo plays per month


One thing that is still confusing is number of video plays mentioned, if someone has setup self hosted content with Cloud hosted player, do they still have to upgrade to higher licenses in case video plays exceeds the number mentioned? I can understand as when bandwidth exceeds the monthly quota then further video plays stops, but what will happen if number of video plays exceeds the mentioned number in packages?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes. If the number of plays (as outlined in our terms of service) exceeds your subscription level then you will need to purchase a higher level.

U Asar

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Thanks for a quick reply, that is now understood regarding number of plays, can I as well ask if the enterprise version has unlimited plays or is is that pricing depends upon number of plays, also what would be a expected price for a million plays a month? (self hosted videos), it's just that a client wants to setup video option on his educational site and we are looking into different options.

Thanks again for support.


JW Player Support Agent  
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