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JWplayer not playing (Limit reached?)


As of today streaming of various online radio stations with jwplayer isn't working on my site.
I noticed other sites (using jwplayer) have the same problem.
The error I get is:
There was an error retrieving your embed.:
Please double check your hosted URL in your JW Dashboard.

I also noticed some sites (also using jwplayer) don't have this problem. So when I logged in to I saw the following:
You have reached your limit for plays. Upgrade for more!
1.45 M of 10 K

My questions:
1. Does this "LIMIT REACHED" message have to do something with my problem of streaming radio's not working on my site?
2. If so, what is the monthly limit because it states 1.45 M of 10 K and what is 1.45 M standing for?
3. If this is the problem why didn't this problem occur previous months because my usage history is as folows:
June 2016 - 1.82 M; May 2016 - 1.55 M; April 2016 - 1.76 M and the list goes on, all above the 1.45 M of this month.

Best regards and thanks in advanced for answering,

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Bojan. Free subscription are limited to 10k plays each month. M stands for million, so you are going over your limit. Check our terms of service for more details. You will need to move to a paid subscription. Click here to contact us for pricing.

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