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JWPlayer ping timeout using RTMP with Wowza

I'm using JWPlayer to connect to Wowza and streaming over RTMP. About 1 in 3 tests I run, after about 10 seconds it disconnects and the timer shows NaN:NaN.

In my Wowza access logs I get an entry like this:

2016-07-19 22:58:36 UTC comment session INFO 401 1720996385 client connectionClosed [1720996385] pingtimeout _defaultVHost_ app _definst_ 37.876 [any] 1935 rtmp://-----:1935/coderwall/_definst_ rtmp

Using rtmpdump i'm never disconnected so it seems like an issue with jwplayer, and that it isn't always responding to the RTMP ping? It seems like it always responds to pings or it never does. That is, it will either disconnect after 10 seconds, or it stays connected forever.

Has anyone else experienced this or has some ideas that can help me narrow the problem down?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Does this behavior happen in our JW Player Stream Tester as well? Is it this specific stream or any RTMP stream?

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