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would like to test jwplayer with out backend before purchase

We are considering using JWPlayer for our video streaming needs.
We have a few requirements. First, it must support HLS. Second we need some sort of authentication/access control.
We have a backend that supports some dynamnically generated short lived tokens that we would like to use, but we want to make sure the player works with our backend before purchasing the product.
I signed up for the free version and created a test page that plays back MP4 files server from our backend. WHen I try and play an HLS version though, it fails. It says it can't find a playable file.
I am guessing it won't play the HLS because we are operating at a free level. Are there different players for the free version vs. paid versions?
My questions are will JWPlayer play HLS videos with my backend (video files are created using Apple tools and play fine in other HSL players)? Or do i need to host them on JWPlatform?
If they should be working on my simple test page, any ideas on why it might not be working?
Thanks for the help with this.

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This is essentially my test page if that helps.
<div id="jwPlayerDiv"></div>
"file": "",
"height": 480,
"width": 620,
hlshtml: true


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Mike. The reason why you HLS streams aren’t working on your tests pages is that HLS playback is locked on the free version. We have a JW Player Stream Tester that you can use to test playback until you decide to purchase a Premium or Platinum subscription. Click here to check our out pricing page to see a feature comparison. You don’t need us to host your content and streams, but if you upload your video files we convert them to HLS streams automatically.

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