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CloudFront & S3 Restricted Access via Signed URL

Using Amazons CloudFront & S3 Restricted Access via Signed URL, I can access content directly through the browser via a link directly to a MP4. Providing the same link for JW player does not allow it to play the video. Docs ( )

The resulting signed link looks something like this:

In the console, the ping.js script says "no media_id found", which i have seen before -- It should not be accessible unless the full link is followed with the signed url.

When trying to play the video, I get an "error playing media" in the console,

MediaError --> Code 4 -- Full code here:

My assumption is that JWPLayer is going out and following everything in the link up to the params. So it would be reading this then stoping at the ? and returning that it cannot find content.

My question is -- > is this what JWplayer is doing? Is there a way to configure JWPlayer to read the whole link? Or is there a specific parameters in JWplayer to read content behind signed URLS?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

My name is Alex and I am one of the Team Leads of the Support Team at JW Player. I will be more than happy to assist you with your questions.

Does your signature rotate at all? Whenever I try to access the URL, even in the browser, it is showing a DNS error for I do know that your expiration timestamp expired yesterday but that would only give me a 403 Forbidden response, but this URL is not even resolving no matter where I try.

Please advise.

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