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IE 11 on Windows 10 JWPlayer Requirements

I know this topic has been discussed in length and I have done my due diligence browsing this content. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a definitive answer regarding the ability to embed and play video using IE 11 as the viewer without using the Shockwave Flash add-on.

So... here is the situation. There is a reluctance to push out the Shockwave Flash add-on (plugin) to all users due to recent history of exploited vulnerabilities. This has lead me down a path of trying to determine if I can embed the JWPlayer (not using Flash) into an IE 11 viewed web page.

My various attempts have worked fine in Chrome however I'm not sure if the Flash player is being used in that scenario. In IE 11, with all settings reset (including Advanced settings) set back to factory settings, I get the triangle with the "!" in the middle. If I Enable Shockwave Flash player, it works just fine but otherwise it does not. This includes attempts to view the video at "" and any other video hosted internally or externally.

So my question is, can IE 11 play video using embedded JWPlayer without Flash enabled? If so, can you point me in a direction where I might better understand what settings are necessary for that to work.

Thank you in advance.

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Okay... After additional research, it appears that MPEG DASH is the only format supported using HTML5 in IE 11. If that is indeed correct, I believe I'm back to making my case for Flash. Am I understanding that correctly on this page? ""
And it appears that DASH is only support with a Premium or high license of JWPlayer.

If someone can confirm my assumption, it will be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


JW Player Support Agent  
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We are currently working on the ability to stream HLS in HTML5 in IE and Firefox. Currently HLS in HTML5 is only available in Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Other browsers will require the Flash version of the player.

Check out our media format reference and our browser and device reference. for more info on compatiblity.

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