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Prevent users from downloading video

is there a way to do it?
if so is there an example of how to do it ?
(I didn't understand where to write what from the URL (Token) Signing - can you give an example of how to it)

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Token signing will not make it more difficult for someone to download the video, but it will make the URLs less useful if they post them on Facebook or Reddit or Twitter because the token can be set with a short expiration time and therefore it will be a dead link for others.

Here are my thoughts on this topic:

Our player uses Javascript to embed videos on your web page.
Javascript is a client-side language, meaning it runs directly in each viewer’s browser.
This also means that the browser has to be able to read all the code, including the video URL.
A motivated individual has many tools that could potentially reveal the direct video URL.
Therefore it is not easy to completely prevent someone from downloading the video.

But there are things that you can do to make it more difficult to use the video after it is downloaded:

Use HLS streams, because this will chop the video into small 4-10 second fragments which then need to be put back together.
You can also use AES encryption on those streams which makes them harder to open after they have been downloaded.
Our player can also play back videos with the three most popular DRM solutions, but those would need to be in place on the videos before our player makes the request to load them.

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