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Black bar appearing across bottom of player when hovered | "jw-flag-user-inactive"

While using our heavily customized JW Player, a black bar will appear across the bottom of the player. This occurs when the user mouseover's the video.

Having observed the changes in the DOM via Chrome Web Inspector, I've been able to find that the only difference appears to be the class "jw-flag-user-inactive" being added to my video player, "jwplayer".

Having done some Googling and finding the github page for user-inactive.less, it looks like something to do with this document, but I can't figure out what.

Because the CSS is minified and embedded in the DOM, it makes it quite difficult to troubleshoot this issue.

Has anyone else encountered this black bar across the bottom of their videos? If it makes a difference, this is a livestreaming video. At the following link, you can see a brief demonstration of the issue.

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You may want to reference our design documentation on JW Developer for more details on CSS classes and customization:

You could try using stretching: “fill” in your setup to see if that gets rid of the black bars in the video viewing area.

Thanks, Heidi

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