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Player stopping sporadically

Howdy JW Gurus!

So there is a problem that has recently sprung up that is a bit of a mystery because we haven't changed our configuration in a while prior to this surfacing. We're having a problem with the player just plain stopping playback a second or two after it starts. There is no error message that a user can see. I have tried this myself and can confirm that this is indeed happening on audio and video files sporadically.

If I refresh the page a few times it will begin to actually play through. This seems to be a fairly recent issue but we hadn't made any changes to our Player configuration or even to the player page on our site previous to this so has the cloud-based player been updated recently?

I have since created a new player from scratch and replaced it on our player page but the issue persists and its not happening in just one browser. Again no errors display in the interface but looking in firebug I saw what looked like cast errors (we had chromecast enabled) so I disabled that but the issue persisted.

I also see the following errors:

- No media_id found
- Could not setup because trackingobject is not defined.

These same errors though display even when the media plays so this doesn't seem to be related.

When the player stops suddenly though this error pops up in firebug:
- Error playing media: MediaErrorcode: 2__proto__: MediaErrorMEDIA_ERR_ABORTED: 1MEDIA_ERR_DECODE: 3MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK: 2MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED: 4code: (...)get code: ()constructor: MediaError()Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): "MediaError"__proto__: Object__defineGetter__: __defineGetter__()__defineSetter__: __defineSetter__()__lookupGetter__: __lookupGetter__()__lookupSetter__: __lookupSetter__()constructor: Object()hasOwnProperty: hasOwnProperty()isPrototypeOf: isPrototypeOf()propertyIsEnumerable: propertyIsEnumerable()toLocaleString: toLocaleString()toString: toString()valueOf: valueOf()get __proto__: __proto__()set __proto__: __proto__()

Here is an example link:

Please advise ...

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JW Player Support Agent  
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A couple of things:

To get rid of the media ID error, apply a media ID and you will be able to take advantage of our new analytics system. The MediaErrorMEDIA_ERR_ABORTED: 1MEDIA_ERR_DECODE: 3MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK: 2MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED error tells us that the player is having an issues connecting to your media, so it could be a hosting issue. One final thing, and this wouldn’t cause the error but will fix the player timeline from being distorted is to make sure the player is on a page with an HTML5 doctype.


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Thank you for your help, I think changing the doctype may have fixed it ... I'll keep monitoring it to know for sure ...

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