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I use cookie to save the time to watch the video, call the seek() method, the MP4 format of the video can be positioned to the last time to watch, and FLV format video does not play a role, or will play from scratch. However, if the seek method is written in a fixed value, such as jwplayer().seek(15), the FLV format of the video will be positioned at 15th second. Please help me to solve this problem!Thank you!

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I am not sure I understand the problem. Can you post a link to a reproduction page? Please see for more details on what we like to see on test pages, along with step by step instructions for reproducing your issue.

Flash cannot seek to unbuffered parts of a video. I am not sure if that is happening here, but if your cookie contains a value to seek to close to the end of the video, for example, you may have to wait until the player buffers enough of the video to get to that point. The player in HTML5 can seek directly to that part of the video even if it is not buffered. What file types are you using? Is it possible to only use the player in HTML5 mode?

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