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JW Player Licensing?

Hi Guys,

I was using the JWPlayer and paying $9.00 per month and then this went away. I'm trying to understand the newer licensing model but it is a little confusing.

I see now today that there is a free player but without iOS support. I guess that is an upgrade.
Did I have iOS support in the $9.00 per month prici9ng model?

Really confusing to me.
Does any one have any clarity here?

Thanks ~ Ken

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Ken,

The $9 per month plan was a Pro subscription payment method that we stopped offering to new customers in mid 2014 when all new subscriptions required an annual payment, but we grandfathered you into that monthly payment plan.

When we released JW Player 7 in July 2016, we also changed that Pro subscription to now be free, so anyone with a Pro subscription was upgraded to Premium at no additional cost and we grandfathered you in to the same monthly payment for the Pro (now Premium) subscription. I guess that makes you a great grandfather now!

Checking in on your account, I see that our attempts to bill your credit card failed in Feb 2016 so our billing system downgraded your account to the Free subscription at that time. The players on your account should still work in IOS though. Please post a link to your test page so we can troubleshoot this further.

And we can get you back on the $149 per year price for the Premium subscription. I will send you a direct e-mail with the necessary steps. We unfortunately do not, however, have a way to reinstate the monthly payment plan though.

Hope this helps,

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