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Daily Weather website videos

I've managed to upload two mp4 videos to JWplayer that are on my weather website at that works nicely. But, when I tried to select the JWplayer option of "Adding a Video URL" and then clicked on "embed", a video window pops up that says "Error loading media: File could not be played". I don't understand why since the link is the same at and it's exactly the same file that I can successfully upload to JWplayer.

My weather software makes time-lapse mp4 videos with my IP camera of the outdoor sky, including videolastday.mp4 and yesterday.mp4 at different times of the day and the file names never change (just the video itself). I could manually upload my video files everyday if I had no life, but I'd really like to find a way to display these mp4 videos and have them auto-updated, keeping the same file names. I've read the JWplayer instructions over and over and I'm obviously missing something. I just want some html code or simple script that will use the local jwplayer.js files on my server to play the videos. Sometimes there are so many options and ways to configure things that it just all becomes a jumble in my head.

Ideally, I'd like to avoid the JWplayer Hosting option and play the videos directly from my Godaddy hosting at since the video file names never change

I see all of the beautiful weather websites with terrific time-lapse videos and really want mine to look nice too. I can do html, but I sure need some help (simple) with these movie files (videolastday.mp4, yesterday.mp4, etc). They are Ftp'd via my weather program several times a day to my public_html directory. Can anyone provide a simple bit of code or script for me? The code would need to point to a video file, like yesterday.mp4, located at

Thanks for any help,


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Hey David, that’s a really cool weather website. Make sure your MP4s are using the H.264 video codec, it looks like is using the 263 codec.

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