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IE11 full-screen video goes under flash ads?

I've been playing around with implementing JW Player 7 externally (external hosted, external MP4 files), but I've noticed one curious thing: in IE11 (Windows 7) when switching to full-screen video mode, if the page has an old-fashioned Flash banner ad on it... the ad remains, and appears OVER the full-screen video. I don't see this in other browsers, and it's never happened with Flash-based players.

Also, setting primary: "flash" doesn't seem to change anything (no indication that it's using Flash). Any ideas?

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Okay, well, a whole bunch of research later... and looks like the solution is to set the flash object's wmode to transparent, which I've done in the ad server (wasn't the default), and it seems to be working okay now.


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Glad to hear you resolved this. Thank you for posting the solution here.

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