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Jw player video analytics - videos are stored at other server not in jw player


Actually scenario is , I have a page from where admin can upload videos , which i am saving to the server.
Then the end user view that video.

Now i want to use Jw player video analytics for this type of videos.

I go through the "Using JW Player Analytics" Article and got successfully perform analytics for the video which is uploaded to Jw player.

But in my case videos are stored at my server. So how can I got mediaid for these videos and also where i can get the reports of this analytics.

Thanks in advance

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If you host your own videos link their external URLS in the dashboard or via the API. The analytics reports are in your JW Dashboard under the Analytics section.


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Hi Donni ,

Thank you so much for giving your valuable time.

If i do not want to see the analytics report in dashboard & want to see that in my web application , is there any way through which i can achieve such a task.

And yes , If I do not upload any video but I use link of external URL does it consume same space? I mean what is the difference If I upload video of 5M.B to Jw player & i add external URL of the 5MB video



JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Jagir,

We currently do not offer access to the new analytics system via the API, however I do believe that it will come at some point in the near future. As far as your hosting and streaming limits are converned, it only applies to files hosted and streamed on our servers. Externally hosted content does not affect your limits.


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