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JW player 6 and Shadow box

How can i get JW Player 6 to work with shadowbox. I know 5 works, but so far I have not found any information about getting version 6 to work with shadowbox. I really want to use captions for the videos I upload and don't want to rely on You Tube links for videos

THANKS for your HELP

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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What is shadowbox? If it is some sort of popup window or lightbox Javascript, my suggestion would be to do the following:

1) Load JW Player when the page loads (do not wait for the box to open)
2) Call jwplayer().setup() when the page initially loads as well, and set the player height and width to both be 0
3) When the box opens, call jwplayer().resize(width, height) to resize the player so it is visible to the viewer. You can also call jwplayer().play(true) to make the video play right away since the viewer did click on the video to make the box pop up…
4) When the viewer closes the box, call jwplayer().pause(true) and resize(0,0) to hide the player again


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Here is an example page:


JW Player Support Agent  
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I am seeing the following error in my browser’s Javascript console when I try to talk to your jwplayer() library:

Uncaught ReferenceError: jwplayer is not defined(…)

I do not see your jwplayer.js in your page source. Where are you loading the cloud-hosted player?

Have you tried my four steps?

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