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JWPLayer v7 - Event 'hijacking' problem

I am experiencing a strange issue and one which did not happen when we were using JW Player v6.
This started after upgrading to JW Player version 7
Firefox and Chrome are showing same behaviour.

postMessage from sender to receiver (listener.html) should be picked up by a window.eventListener.
postMessage sent a string which looks like this: "{ prop: 'cmi.suspend_data', value: 1567 }"

Instead, this is the event text which is showing in the console:

10:04:28.905 event data : listener.html:70:4
10:04:28.905 {"type":"jwpsrv_position","playerId":"myPlayer","rect":{"top":248,"left":25,"width":376,"height":212},"iframeDepth":0,"coords":{"top":354,"left":25},"responseChain":"80632226101"} listener.html:71:4
The type: jwpsrv_position suggests that jwplayer may be sending events which are preventing any others from getting through.

Communication from the listener (on the SCO LMS) to the webinar platform (sender) using postMessage does work

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JW Player Support Agent  
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This is the first time I am hearing about this. Are you seeing this in a basic embed? Or are you adding other code on your page?

jwpsrv.js is our analytics plugin, so my guess is that jwpsrv_position is sending us data about where the player is located on the page.

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