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issues with your service

when ever I go online to use the computer to run streaming videos, or visit any site that uses flash player, a multiple squares pop up on the bottom of the screens and plays commercials one after another, sometimes 3 popup at the same time.. you need to let me know how to stop this issue, it has been going on for a month now. I am fed up with your JWplayer byllshit that will never close or able to remove from my browser, and it happens on every browser I used. I am not able to watch any live stream video on netflex, hulu, or xfinity.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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What you are describing is not part of our service. We make software to help web developers put videos on web pages, but we do not put commercials on web sites. Yes, the web developer of a site can use our player to include ads, but this is controlled by the creators of each site, not us.

From what you are saying, one of two things is most likely happening:

1) The web sites you are going to are using our player and have other code on the page to make those commercials appear.
2) You have some sort of browser plugin or extension or toolbar installed (different browsers call them by different names) that is making those commercials appear. They best way to test this would be to browse to the exact same web sites with a newly installed browser (try Google Chrome if you are not already using it) and see if the same behavior occurs.

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