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Continue playing stream resumes from drop out.


I have a streaming site which uses NGINX. Input is RTMP and playback is via HLS. The live streams are from vehicles while mobile. Sometimes we may hit data holes and the stream drops out maybe for a couple of seconds. It shows the buffering circle which is fine. Where the problem comes in is once data comes back and the stream resumes which could just be a couple seconds the stream pauses during that interruption instead of starting to play again automatically. Is there an attribute I can add so that it will continue playing once data and the stream resumes without it pausing and having to hit play again? I have seen this done before on other players but, not sure how to do it. I am using the self hosted player.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

Do you know if your HLS streams are setup to use EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tags? That would be vital if you are expecting your stream to be intermittently interrupted due to network conditions.

Thank you.


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Hello and thanks for your reply. No I am not, I was not aware of them. Where does this need to be set, on the players or the NGINX software?


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I just checked. NGINX module never sets that tag.

hls_continuous is the equivalent to that. I just added that and will see if that helps things.

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