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Compiling iframe embed codes - LOTS of them

I'm going to be posting close to 800 videos on a type site, porting them over from an existing site.

On the existing site, I'm using a JW6 embed code that contains a dual-version embed code (using rtmp & flash as the primary, and fallback http for the mobile/html5). The only other variable that I really need to use in this embed code is the poster image, and I would like it to be 16:9, at 100%

The site I am porting all my videos over to does NOT accept javascript embeds, and only takes iframe embeds.

I could do all this through the JW7 Publish mode interface, but doing this for 800+ videos will take some time.

I wonder, is there some way to create iframe embed codes (using fallback embed codes)?



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JW Player Support Agent  
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First, <iframe> embeds are not ideal, so are you sure there is no way to get Javascript embeds to work? <iframes> limit the effectiveness of your analytics and they also make it tricky to call additional API events, if you ever want to add those.

Your account dashboard will create <iframe> embed codes for you, but you would first need to add your 800 external URLs to your dashboard first. This can be automated via our JW Platform API’s /videos/create method. Be sure to define sourcetype as ‘url’ and to also include your source url. Please see for more details on the /videos/create call. And once you notice that there’s a pattern to the <iframe> embeds, it will be easy for you to automate the embed codes or at least create a template URL. The pattern is:

//[video mediaID]-[playerID].html

We will include HLS and MP4 videos in your <iframe> embed, as well as any poster image URL you include, so you shouldn’t have to worry about RTMP or Flash. Our player will either play the HLS or MP4 in HTML5 mode or load the same videos via Flash if necessary, as determined by the viewer’s browser or device.

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