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What do I do when geoblocked ip's are blocked by mistake

Hi JWplayer support

A few viewers are experiencing "Permission denied" on geo-blocked content hosted by you even though they are in the right location.

Based on your earlier answers on the "Permission denied" message, I'm guessing that this error occurs because these few viewers ip's are registered wrong, either by mistake or because their ip-address have recently changed location.

How do I investigate this further and correct the geo-data, if that was indeed the error?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

If I’m understanding you correctly – you have certain countries blocked by geolocation but you are finding that users in non-blocked countries are receiving Permission Denied errors because they are accessing your content from an IP address from a blocked country? If that is the case, there is not anything that can be done about that.

If I am mistaken and the users from non-blocked countries are using IPs from the same country and they are seeing the “Permission Denied” error, can you please give me the email address associated with your account and also the country or countries of the users that are experiencing this issue?

Thank you.

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