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Error loading media: File could not be played


Error loading media: File could not be played is shown on IE and safari how to solve this issue.

Please give any suggestion asap.

Anuj Aggarwal

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here is the link


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

I was not able to reproduce your issue in Safari on a Mac – if you are referring to Safari on Windows, Apple stopped developing Safari in 2012 so we do not support our browser on it.

I was able to see the issue in IE 9 and 10 for Windows 7, however. It seems to be caused by the MIME type of your MP4, as its being reported as application/octet-stream. The MIME type would have to be video/mp4 to properly work in our player, especially older browsers. I confirmed this by downloading your MP4 and uploading it to my test server and witnessing the MP4 play fine in IE 9 and 10.

Please let me know if you need any more help or have any other questions.

Thank you!

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